Hey! I'm Elizabeth Lusty and I run Vchoir Kidz the online kids choir.  Firstly let me say that I hope that you are having a good half term. I want to let you know that It's time for our half term sale. 


How do you fancy an hour off every Monday after school?  Sound good?

Let me keep your kids busy for an hour at 4:30pm on a Monday.  I will get them singing, dancing and laughing.  We learn fun songs, silly warm ups and easy dances.  My aim with the choir is to get kids laughing and moving.  Singing is such a simple but fun activity for kids to engage with.  

An activity that doesn't involve the use of the Mum & Dad Taxi service!!!

Vchoir kids is not about creating amazing singers it is about having fun and building confidence.  It is about your child learning to feel comfortable with their own voice.  I want to make your kids laugh and feel good.  They should end each session with a smile on their faces.

An after school club in your living room!

If this sounds like the kind of activity you would like your child to take part in then signup now to our limited offer. You will pay £15 for membership to Vchoir Kidz for November 2020. This includes 5x fabulous rehearsals. Elizabeth x

By completing this purchase you are joining Vchoir Kidz at the sale price of £15  for the Month of November.  If you wish to terminate your membership and not continue from December please email hello@vchoir.co.uk If you do not contact us you will be automatically moved on to our standard monthly membership at £25 pm.

For Vchoir Kidz legal policies and Terms and Conditions please click here.

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