*Membership costs £25 per month From wk2

Limited Places.

Book your little super star in for a FREE Trial....
Silver Stardust

😒 Choirs can't run right now

😒 We have to utilise our tablets, phones and computers

😒 We don't want our kids to miss out

Elizabeth has 10 yrs experience leading choir of up to 100+ people and she's also a mum of two!
Kids will learn singing skills
Absolutely no ability required
It's an hour of stress free fun!
They can feel like a superstar 
A special time just for them
Great for confidence building
One of the amazing pors of online if that is DOESN'T matter if your child is SHY or OUTGOING. No child is at the back of the class.

  Vchoir Kidz can help..  

Ages 4-11

 Leader of Vchoir Kidz 

Hiya, I'm Elizabeth!

I want my kids and your kids to have fun.  It's not really fair that school choirs aren't running right now but it's the right thing to do.


I have been running choirs fabulous for over 10yrs and I know I can teach your kids how to not only love singing but also get them feeling connected and part of a community (plus you can make dinner whilst they do it - BONUS!).

Silver Stardust

How much if Vchoir Kidz & how does payment work?

Week one is your FREE welcome week. Payments start on your second week at £25 per month.  This is a rolling Direct debit and will continue until you cancel your subscription. 


When does choir run?

Choir runs 10 weeks per term excluding half term. Current term is Mondays 4:30-5:30pm 28th Sept - 7th Dec.

Can my child join once term has started? 


Do I have to pay more if I have more than one child?

NO.  Your membership is for one zoom link.  You can have multiple participants.


What songs do you sing? 

A bit of everything old and new.

What about the words?

You will be provided with the words for each week in advance.  You can print these out or have them open on another device.  We aim to learn all pieces from memory as well. Your child does not need to be able to read to take part but might not be able to learn all of the words straight away.

For further info and terms and conditions please CLICK HERE

Ages 4-11

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