Vchoir Kidz is a fabulous online choir for kids.  We meet on Mondays at 2pm via Zoom.  All participants are muted but don't be fooled - this is a HUGELY INTERACTIVE session.  All the kids will move, laugh, sing and connect.  Let's get our kids smiling! No extra charge for siblings. Suitable for 4-11yrs.

Hi, I'm Elizabeth Lusty and I run Vchoir Kidz online kids choir.  I am really chuffed that you have found my choir.  My aim is to get kids moving and laughing. I want to build confidence and also give you an hour off! I've been leading choirs for over ten years and I know that singing can bring happiness and joy. 


I am also a mum of two young kids and I worry (especially now) that life can be quite stressful.  Children aren't able to run around freely right now and interactions have changed.  I want kids to have an hour of joy and silliness! I want your child to end the session with a huge smile on their face!


 Elizabeth x

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๐Ÿ˜’ After school clubs are cancelled

๐Ÿ˜’ We have to utilise our tablets & phones 

๐Ÿ˜’ We don't want our kids to miss out

Ages 4-11

Elizabeth has 10 yrs experience leading choir of up to 100+ people and she's also a mum of two!
Your kids will get....
Kids will learn singing skills
Absolutely no ability required
It's an hour of stress free fun!
They can feel like a superstar 
A special time just for them
Great for confidence building
You will get....
An hour off
A club at home
A happier child
One of the amazing things about choirs  online is that is DOESN'T matter if your child is SHY or OUTGOING.
No child is at the back of the class.
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How much if Vchoir Kidz & how does payment work?

Right now Vchoir Kids sessions are free visit to get a space


Can I try a FREE session?

Your child can watch our FREE livestream over at our YouTube channel (CLICK HERE AND SUBSCRIBE) so see what they think of the session.  If they want to join you can buy a membership here.


When does choir run?

Choir runs on Mondays at 2pm (approx 45mins). At the moment every week until  Feb 15th.


Can my child join on any week? 



Do I have to pay more if I have more than one child?

NO.  Your membership is for one zoom link/one webcam.  You can have multiple participants at no extra course.


What songs do you sing? 

I write my own bespoke songs and warm-ups for Vchoir Kids based around topics that kids are learning about and silly things that they love. I also do pop covers of well know tracks.


What about the words?

You will be provided with the words for each week in advance or they will be onscreen.  You can print these out or have them open on another device.  We aim to learn all pieces from memory as well. Your child does not need to be able to read to take part but might not be able to learn all of the words straight away.


How do I cancel my membership?

Simply email us at or visit your bank to cancel your Direct Debit.


For further info and terms and conditions please CLICK HERE

Kidz FAQs

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