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Sing as loud as your like!


No need to leave the house.

Family Friendly.

We laugh, chat and sing and it's brilliant!

Plus Everyone except Elizabeth it on MUTE!

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     Hiya, I'm Elizabeth and I've been running Mahooosive choirs for over 10yrs.  I'm not gonna lie Covid has gotten right on my nerves.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE tsinging, making everyone laugh, learning new tunes and the banter we have at rehearsals.


For me choir is all about meeting with friends, singing your heart out and having a laugh.  This year I am dedicating myself 100% to giving you this experience at home.  You will feel connected, have a giggle you will feel like you've had a bloody good night out with friends. I make singing easy and accessible no matter what ability you are.

P.S. When I'm not a choir mistress (Love that title) I'm also a drummer and wedding singer. I absolutely live for the hits and cheese.  If people will get up and dance then I'll sing it - I bring this experience and passion to VCHOIR every week. 

  WHEN?! Fridays 7:30pm   

 Leader & Head of Happiness 

FREE spaces available each week via my Eventbrite page.

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