What is Vchoir?

Vchoir is fun. If you like Carpool Karaoke or the series Carshare you're going to enjoy yourself. We sing feel good hits. DON'T WORRY NO ONE WILL HEAR YOU!!! What makes it different to other choirs? Good question - Virtual sticker for you! The main difference is at Vchoir NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SING! All participants are muted except for lucky old me. You can belt out the hits without a care in the world. Feel like the superstar that you already are. Do you have an inner Beyonce, Madonna or Bryan Adams (I’m Bryan for sure) when you’re in the shower? Ready to unleash them? At the end of the day I want to see people smiling, laughing, singing and if the mood takes them dancing!

How long is a choir session?

Our sessions are approx 1hr 15mins long. 7:30-845pm on a Friday.

How do I access the online sessions?

We use video conferencing software called Zoom. This enables you to participate from the comfort of your own home via a unique link provided by email before each session. This software is free for you to participate in. Help videos are available in the ‘Vault’ (this is the members area of our website that you will have access to once you sign up). When you buy your Online membership, you will be added to our mailing list. Each week, you’ll be emailed a link and passcode which will give you access to the online session.

Do I have to speak on screen?

No. All participants are muted throughout. You can chat in the chat (text) section of zoom during the rehearsal and send us your comments but you will not be expected to speak on camera.

Can people hear me sing?

Noooooooooooo - Participants will be able to hear the music and choir leader. Due to the latency (delay) it is not possible to synchronise and hear all of the singers at the same time. But you will be able to see each other so sing with a smile!

What styles do you sing

We sing feel good hits of all styles. If it would get you on the dance floor we’ll have a go! We love a theme and getting dressed up too so ABBA nights etc are a MUST at Vchoir.

Which devices are compatible with Vchoir Online?

You can partake in sessions using your Zoom compatible devices including laptops, smartphones, and tablets that have a microphone and camera or webcam installed. It is recommended that you use headphones to experience better audio quality, though this is not essential.

Who can join?

Anybody over the age of 18 years old can join Vchoir Online! I No audition or previous experience is required, and we teach all songs from ear so there is no need to read music. If you would like to join in Vchoir with your child(ren) then you must be on-screen at all times with them. If a child is seen to be in the meeting alone their video will be taken down. *Please note - We cannot take responsibilty for the behaviour of our members. We try our hardest for this to be appropriate and respectful and moderate our sessions.

When does Vchoir run?

Fridays 7:30pm - 8:45pm Rehearsals take place from the second friday of every month. No rehearsal on the first friday of the month.

How much is Vchoir Online?

Members pay £9.99 a month on a rolling monthly membership. You will have access to between 3-5 rehearsals a month. To join our affordable monthly membership please click here

Can other people in my household get involved?

Yes! Family members are allowed to sit in on a session with you. If they would like to use their own link and device, they will need to pay for their own membership.

Can I try Vchoir Friday Feeling before joining?

Yes, every week we learn a new piece and sing along to some of the classics. If you would like to try a week click here: What's on this week at Friday night Vchoir A one off weekly rehearsal costs £4.99 We will send you a confirmation email...check that spam box. Apparently we seem shifty! p.s. before you pay £4.99 our Vchoir Friday Feelin' membership is £9.99 visit Memberships to join

Are memberships per person or webcam?

Per webcam.

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