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     Hiya, I'm Elizabeth and I've been running Mahooosive choirs for over 10yrs.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE performing, making everyone laugh, learning new tunes and banter.


This year I am dedicating myself 100% to giving you and your participants a night out at home.  You will feel connected, you will have a giggle you will feel like you've had a bloody good night out with friends.

P.S. When I'm not a choir mistress (Love that title) I'm also a drummer and wedding singer. I absolutely live for the hits and cheese.  If people will get up and dance then I'll sing it - I bring this experience and passion to events each and every week. 

Elizabeth Lusty (Real Name LOLS)

  WHEN?! Fridays 7:30pm from the  

  2nd Friday of the month!   

Choir Mistress Elizabeth ABBA Night2.png
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Choir Mistress Elizabeth ABBA Night2.png
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