About Us


I'm Elizabeth, Choir leader + Head of Happiness at Vchoir. This is what I hear over and over and over again. 

"I can’t sing but I love it - can I join?" Sound familiar?


Most of the time this isn’t true. A teacher or some person (I was going to swear but I’ll keep it in) told you not to sing or that you couldn’t sing at some point in your life.  Who would do that or say that for a start?  There are words for these people (*x?@) but let’s just call them JOY KILLERS!!!!


Maybe you're actually a pretty snazzy singer.  Happy with your voice.  Good for you!  Wanna belt out the hits and let go?  Vchoir gives you this and much more.

Silver Stardust
Silver Steel Plate

Feel like the superstar that you already are.  Do you have an inner Beyonce, Madonna or Bryan Adams (I’m Bryan for sure) when you’re in the shower? Ready to unleash them?


At Vchoir NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SING!  All participants are muted except for lucky old me. 


I don’t know about you but I want to be happier and have more fun.  Sound good?


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