Silver Stardust

😒 Your social life has disappeared - Poof

     😒 None of your usual activities are running

       😒 You feel a bit like you're in groundhog day!

Let's have a proper good laugh and sing!

We're super friendly 
No-one will hear you sing
Absolutely no ability required
It's a Friday night out at home
No Harmony
We learn the hits
Theme nights
Fancy Dress
No Sheet Music

It's the best night out - in - I mean out/in haaaaa!

Epic Fun Night GUARANTEED!

  WHEN?! Fridays 7:30pm from the  

  2nd Friday of the month!   

 Leader & Head of Happiness 

Hiya, I'm Elizabeth!

I want to laugh more, like REALLY laugh.  Not at my kids - they're lovely but its been 4 months at home!!! 


When I am not a choir master (totes posh) I sing at weddings and parties and I LOVE to entertain. So, I have combined my two passions - Choir and getting people on the dance floor. Want to know more about me? Click here

Hey, I'm Kelle!

Check me out. Rockin' at our Bon Jovi night!  I Love it.....after Vchoir I feel like I've been out. Like, Out Out!


My job is to make sure you love Vchoir as much as me! I don't want to scare you but I really like it (2am buying a new wig for wig week on Amazon like it).

 Vchoir Cheerleader 





Silver Stardust

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